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Everything We Know About Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Covers 2006-Present)

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bgrin Everything We Know About Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Covers 2006-Present)

Post by RoXante on Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:53 am

Fools set the rules in this world. Just take a look around. It's undeniable.
-Noctis Lucis Caelum

General Information

Official Japanese Website: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Official Japanese Website
Official North American Website: TBA
Official European Website: TBA



PS3 (Playstation 3)

BRD (Blu-Ray Disc)

Number of Players

Release Date



Main Developers

Director, Base Story, Concept Game Design, and Character designer
Tetsuya Nomura

Shinji Hashimoto & Yoshinori Kitase

Image Artwork
Yoshitaka Amano

Mechanic Concept
Takayuki Takeya

Clothes Design
Hiromu Takahara

Scenario Writer
Kazushige Nojima

Yoko Shimomura

Main Programmers
Hiroshi Harata & Kentaro Yasui

Planning Directors
Yuichi Kanemori & Takayoshi Nakazato

Planning Director (World)
Takeshi Endou

Event Planning Director
Jun Akiyama

Graphic Director (Character Model)
Tomohiro Kayano

Graphic Director (Animation)
Tatsuya Kandou

Graphic Director (Map model)
Masahide Tanaka

Graphic Director (Visual Effects)
Shuichi Sato

Graphic Director (System Menu)
Takeshi Arakawa

Art Director (Character)
Tomohiro Hasegawa

Art Director (Map)
Takayuki Ohtachi

Takeshi Nozue
Movie director

Information About the Game

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced at Square Enix's E3 2006 Press Conference in Los Angeles on May 8.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is focus around the “Fabula Nova Crystallis” myth. It does not take place in the same universe as Final Fantasy XIII does and is Tetsuya Nomura's interpretation of the myth.

Versus in Latin means “to turn around” and in English it means “against”. Both translations are the main keywords for this game.

Early Final Fantasy Versus XIII artwork showed dark and heavy images in comparison to Final Fantasy XIII’s white background. This is going to be translated into the game in a very particular way.

Premises and experiences that haven’t been seen in other Final Fantasy games or other games in general will be present in Versus XIII. It’ll be something truly interesting.

Versus XIII is a title that will unite the nostalgia of the past Final Fantasy games and will tie it to a whole new way to experience the franchise. Level and overall design will be extremely valued in this game.

This game will involve a lot of action, but old Final Fantasy elements will be present as well. They will be taken to a whole new level with the technology that Crystal Tools and PS3 are able to provide.

In Versus, there are two types of event scenes. Pre-rendered and real-time. The real time cut scenes are controllable. The team decided to get rid of the non-controllable real time cut scenes in order to keep the player from stopping. The controllable cutscenes will have more natural expression as opposed to the game-like expression of past games.

CGI cut scenes are present but there won't be much of it. This change has happened because the development staff has reached their target render for the world and the characters. Therefore, Jun Akiyama and the planning directors decided to scrap most of CGI scenes and re-do them in full real-time. Nomura confirmed that the opening scene in the 1st Production Department trailer is CG and everything else, such as the scene between Noctis and Stella, is real time running on the PlayStation 3 hardware.

One reason the game may look so good is because there are only minimal differences between the game's high and low quality models. Nomura says that they have kept the high and low quality models the same, with exception to the greater hair detail in the high quality versions. The inclusion of Takeshi Nozue on the staff also helped, said Nomura. Nozue was able to apply use his pre-rendering knowhow on the game's real time scenes, specifically with regards to lighting technology.

Yoshitaka Amano artworks will appear as paintings throughout the game and they will not be exclusive to the goddess fal'Cie Etro

Final Fantasy Versus XIII will using lighting technology from the Luminous Engine. Versus aims for photo realism so it places greater importance on lighting.

Versus XIII has its own action game-oriented engine. The lightning tech from Luminous is being coupled with this for Versus XIII.

As of July 2011. Nomura siad that because they're trying out a lot of new challenges, the development staff is still focused on the core members. However, they're making preparations to enter full production.

Also as of July 2011. They're also gradually recording the game's voices. Regarding the recording, Nomura said that there are many scenes where the four male characters are engage.



There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
-William Shakespeare

The true figure is still hidden in the sleep.
An isolated nation protected by an ancient line of Kings. A modern civilization alive with crystal's songs of swords and sorcery.
A lone Kingdom fighting to forestall the outer world from imposing its heretic order. The struggle for the final crystal is merely a prologue to the chronicles of new era.
This is a fantasy based on reality.
A meeting predestined by the divine.
Eyes that see the light of expiring souls.
A act of love by the last king.
The figure that still lies asleep in the fantasy.

Story Facts

Nifiheim Airships Invading Noctis' Country

The enemy of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the Kingdom of Nifiheim. At the beginning of the recent trailer, they are seen in their airships invading Noctis' country. This is the beginning of an "escape drama" for Noctis and friends but he thinks of himself as pursuing the enemy instead of fleeing instead.

The main character in Versus, Noctis, is a Prince. The heir to the throne. The throne to the last kingdom where the crystal was held. The Kingdom is modern, advanced and much further along then outside world, to the point that they have basically isolated themselves within. The city nation is said to be protected by a Magic Order, whom must stand against an invasion in the Kingdom. This fight over the last crystal is said to only be the beginning of a new generation.

Noctis and Stella
With life-like characters and a truly painful story, the main theme the team wants to showcase is “Bounds” and how the characters relate to it.

The King
The setting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII reflects our world today, and its "ugly issues". Versus is a darker and more close to home emotional story, or so that is the vision Square-Enix has said.

Mysterious Man Pointing a Gun at Noctis' Father
It’s a dark and sad story which aims to show how heavy and painful the burden that the heroes are carrying is, how painful their paths can be, and how important flashes of happiness are in a world ravaged by greed and despair. The keyword for Versus XIII story is misery, and it can be applied to all main characters.

Celebration Party
In the Tokyo Game Show 2008/Jump Festa 2009 technical demo, Noctis attends a celebration party held in commemoration of the “Agreement concerning the Peaceful use of the Crystal” being created between two countries and as a Prince who will soon inherit the King title he meets the heroine of the game, Stella, for the first time.

Other Facts

Final Fantasy Versus XIII shares many similarities with the story of Hamlet. With even a quote from the story in the original trailer. Little else is know about the story of Versus at this point.

Early regions in the game are heavily inspired by western “bang-bang” movies.

The main design key point for the clothes is “Jet-black” and there will be a lot of scenes and circumstances where this design will show mainly because it is compatible with the mood of the game. Hiromu Takahara is working on the character clothes and his designs will be heavily influenced by the asymmetric forms as they have always been.

Most importantly, Final Fantasy Versus XIII will follow the Fabula Nova Crystallis Mythology, but does not take place in Final Fantasy XIII's universe.


Noctis Lucis Caelum
The protagonist of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, he is believed to be a tragic hero, like Hamlet. In Latin, the name "Noctis Lucis Caelum" means "Light of the Night Sky". Noctis is the next in line for the throne of the land he protects. Specifically the Prince protects a crystal of some great importance. In the trailers the Prince is seemingly emotionless, but incredibly brutal. Breaking necks, gory impaling, Noctis spares no effort in battle.

Despite this he is not a dark character and laughs at things usually with his friends but has an enigmatic face and a whole lot of mystery surrounding him. He’s a shy character to strangers and doesn’t talk too much but he is a pretty confident man and sometimes he lets it show. Noctis is very calm and feels embarrassed when his words don’t express the feelings in his mind. He can become extremely moody when this happens and he lets it show on his face.

Noctis' weapons are quite unique, and should make for quite a large part of the game play variations in the game, as he has many, many weapons at his finger tips. He doesn't carry or sheath his swords or holster his guns, they're simply with him. He seemingly wills them into materialization in an instant, dozens of them, rapidly. The amount of weapon switching seen is simply mind boggling. Noct also possesses the ability to see the Light from the Dead though prefers not to talk about it as it brings him bad memories.

Stella Nox Fleuret
Stella has been described as an unfortunate enemy of Noctis, as in, the two likely don't want to fight one another, but they must simply due to their allegiances. Stella hails from the Fleuret family from the Kingdom of Tenebrae. She is the only confirmed enemy character for the game so far, with virtually no other detail known.

She converses in very soft and polite way, generally goes directly to the point at hand and doesn’t fear a harsh reply. She doesn’t take things too seriously, but she will learn along the way that things are not the way we want, ever.

Stella has the ability to see the “Light” just like Noct has. She speaks openly about it without any restraints, feels intrigued by it and searches for answers on her first meeting with the Prince.

Ignis is the only party member outside of Noctis whose name has been confirmed. He was raised from childhood to be akin to Noctis' military tactician. In the trailer, the selected scenes show that Ignis is counseling Noctis to make that relationship between the two clear. Ignis is a childhood friend of Noctis.

A childhood friend of Noctis who fights with his bare fists. Gladiolus has not been confirmed to be his official name yet but it appeared in the recent trailers.

A new, not childhood, friend of Noctis who fights with a gun. Like Gladiolus, Prompto has not been confirmed to be his official name yet but appeared in the recent trailers.

King Caelum
The father of Noctis who is a king that will not give up the throne and will be the final king. In the latest trailer, he is not saying this to Noctis like some people have thought. Who he is saying this to is a secret for now. The throne he sits on is not the same throne that Noctis sits on at the end of the recent trailer.

White Robes
Seen in a standoff and pointing a gun at King Caelum. Nomura said that the white robed character we see in this trailer is not the same as the one from previous trailers. The two white robed men are different.

Etro: The Goddess of Death
Goddess of Death/Shinigami – Etro is worshiped in the game and it is a fal’Cie. This is not to be confused with Etro from FFXIII, even though they are very similar. Two different universes here. There is a legend in the Kingdom of Tenebrae about Etro saying that she is said to greet the souls of the deceased and open the door to the afterlife. When that door opens, the released souls burst out in a streak of light that ascends to heaven. Very few people can see this light and those who can see it are given power from the Kingdom of the Dead. During their conversation in the technical demo, Noctis and Stella mention they can see the light, and the former wonders if they are dying. In the Fabula Nova Crystallis Mythology, Etro created mankind from her own blood.

Gameplay System
Interactive World

Final Fantasy Versus XIII will have a variety of "gimmicks". By "gimmicks" Nomura means things such as the overhead walkway gets destroyed by the Behemoth as Noctis crosses it. If Noctis never crosses the walkway, the Behemoth will not destroy it. Creating these types of gimmicks are tough on the development side of things.

Behemoth Leaps at the Walkway Noctis is on
The city scene where Noctis is fighting the Behemoth is full of destroyable objects such as trees and electricity poles for example. In the 1st Department Premiere trailer, you end up fighting the Behemoth on a three level freeway area where the road has been damaged so you'll need to move around by jumping. The buildings that line the road have some emergency stairwells that can be entered and climbed to get to the roof with Noctis then pulling himself to the very by using the air conditioner. These are just some examples on how interactive the game will be.

Noctis Shielding Himself from a Explosion

Event Scenes

Versus XIII will have event scenes that the player can control. In the recent trailer, we see a forest in the evening showing a low view point of Noctis running up to King Caelum. The view point is low because it's a flash back from Noctis' youth. This is just one example of a event scene that the player can control.

World Map

Regarding the fields, it's not a completely open world. It's like the 2D FF games but in 3D. Players will find a big world map with vast fields where the they will be able to explore as far as the eye can reach except the mountains. Terrain diversity is much more detailed and vast than in Final Fantasy XIII.

One of the Many Out Door Areas
Battles will take place in real-time environments using all regions of the field, from up high buildings to down low streets. Players will have to fight using the full environment, both directly in front of them and above and below(aka vertical battles). This allows some battles to happen in very intense places.


It’s possible to fly airships over the world just like in older Final Fantasy titles. You'll be able to drive a car, ride mechs, tanks and Chocobos as well.


Day and Night Cycles
The day and night cycles and cloud formations are done by physical calculation. It was decided to be made this way to have a smooth change between the cycles and to have a much more dynamic lighting system, which reflects the mood of a certain region/place.

Night Time
With addition to the day and night cycle, players will find different beasts at different times of day.

Enemies will vary in sizes depending on the location. In the city, the Behemoth was large because of all the tall buildings. If it was small, their wouldn't be much of a impact.

The monsters wander throughout the field and sometimes hostile ones will suddenly appear to ambush you. It has been confirmed that a lot of different kind of monsters exist.


The game is basically seamless. There will be seamless battles and no load times too. The only loading the player will experience is between large areas. They are also implementing a type of loading that happens while watching an event scene. This way it’s possible to give players the most immersive experience they have ever had.

[size=150]Battle System[/size]
It will be different from the battle system of Final Fantasy XIII. Versus XIII will draw the nostalgic feeling from old Final Fantasy titles and blend it with a whole new concept.

The action and the pace will be similar to the battles of Kingdom Hearts but united with new mechanics. Both, FF and KH, styles will be mixed into this game. Nomura said that the actions the character performs after selecting commands for them is close to that of Kingdom Hearts.

Characters will do actions like double jumping and so forth and move with great speeds.

The game will have elements of what Nomura referred to as a "TPS," or third person shooter. Your view of the action will change based on the weapon that you're using, in order to give the best control.

You can have up to three members in your party. The party members will be chosen for you as part of the story because of tutorial considerations. As you advance further into the game, you will be able to select your members. Noctis is always part of your party and if he dies, the game is over.

You will be free to switch between three party members during battle if you want to.

While Versus won't have team-up attacks that form super a super attack, Nomura said that players can time their characters to chain together multi-character attacks on their own. It's seen in the trailer but hard to noticed due to the speed of battles. Examples of this system involve using magic to send the enemy flying back and then switching quickly to another character to come in for an attack.

The trailer showed Noctis warping about while taking out enemies. Nomura explained that players wont be able to warp freely to every spot on the battle field. However, you will be able to warp to the location where you've placed your sword. You can also throw your sword into the distance, then warp to it. This is one area of the game where Nomura and crew are currently conducting test.

When asked about changing eye and hair color Nomura, the projects director, stated that his eyes and hair change with his emotions as well as different actions in battle.

The icons and gauges in battles are a mix of finalized and temporary. The commands are currently temporary and the gauges for HP and so-forth are final.

A sub window that copies Noctis and other party members expression is shown at the bottom of the page as they are fighting. This will help with things like knowing if a character is in trouble or not. Just like Kingdom Hearts but extremely more detailed.


Each character has their own specialties and attack differently depending on the weapon.

Noctis will be able to have access to a lot of weapons like swords, axes, lances and guns. Some of the different types of guns for example are hand guns, machine guns, shot guns, rifles, bazookas and much more. The Versus team is placing a focus on making the the motions used on the variety of weapons look different from each other.

Noctis Holding What Looks Like a Customizable Spear

The trailer shows Noctis selecting from a number of different weapons to defeat the hundreds of enemy soldiers that stand before him. The various weapons in the game will have different methods of attack, and some will even be usable as shields to go along with Noctis's crystal power. Weapons will have some sort of customization element. Of course, the main character won't have his full arsenal available to him at the outset of the game.

Two or more weapons can be used by Noctis by going into the menu screen and equipping him with multiple weapons. These will automatically switch out as you fight and give you various combos depending on the weapons you have set up for him.

The other party members will be able to use only certain weapons.

Ignis Charging up Katana
Ignis specializes in support-style attacks. He is a strong magic user and can throw knives and many other weapons. He is seen wielding a katana blade.

Scar Faced Character Using a Larger Sword
Scar faced Character fights with his bare hands and can use larger and more heavier weapons like pile bunkers and broad swords.

Blond Character in TPS (Third Person Shooter) Perspective
Blonde Character is a gunner. With this character, the player will be able to display a targeting reticule which will allow you to aim for weak points on a enemy. Noctis can use guns but only has a auto aim function. His aiming is useful for large monsters who have weak points in various areas and can be targeted for positional damage.


Fire Magic
All characters can use magic, but Noctis must be there as part of the story setting. This power of "light" that Noctis and Stella talk about is different from the power of magic Nomura states.

Summon beasts are in the game and to obtain them they have to be defeated like in Final Fantasy XIII.


Magitek Armor
You'll be able to ride Magitek Armor (mechs) and get on other vehicles to fire its weapons as well.


Female Dragon Knight
Versus will have a job system but not for the characters that the player will control. Enemies will come in classes such as dragon knights and summoners. The Dragon Knight character seen in the trailer is a enemy who is part of a special group of people within the enemy army and uses unconventional armor that differs from the army's standard issue.

Nomura said that the game will have six axis support but gave no specifics about it.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Developer Comments:
In FF Versus XIII, we've gotten rid of [in-game] cutscenes that the player can't control.. "There will either be pre-rendered movies or realtime event scenes that the player can control. These scenes are part of a new gameplay feature which, as far as I know, hasn't been done anywhere else. It's something that allows for very natural changes in the game experience, a form of expression you don't really see in games. It's not something you can explain quickly since the experience can change with each situation, but you could say it leads to the sort of storytelling you see more in FPSes than in console RPGs.

"I suppose it's a matter of opinion, but I wind up skipping most cutscenes I run into because I want to get back into the game," he told Famitsu. "I don't think I'm the only gamer like that, and so I wanted storytelling that takes pains not to stop the gameplay. That way, gamers like that can still get into the event scenes in natural fashion. It's also a development time-saver. In the past, we'd make separate high-poly models for the cutscenes, but technology is now to the point where the only difference between the 'high-poly' and 'low-poly' models in FF Versus XIII is in the hair.

-Tetsuya Nomura on Versus XIII's Cut Scenes
Don’t be fooled by the dark mood the trailer leads you to, what you’ve seen is merely a representation of what’s to come but I can disclose that the character (Noctis) is not solitary or dark even though the burden he carries is very heavy.

-Tetsuya Nomura on Versus XIII Main Character, Noctis Lucis Caelum
I would say misery and worry play a huge part in the story and when the plot was being first considered I spoke with Mr. Kitase and we decided to take an even more “sad’ direction for the story.

-Tetsuya Nomura on Versus XIII Story
People will cry because of the story, they will get involved into it and will be crying for a whole week and on!

-Yoshinori Kitase Giving His Vview on Versus XIII Story
It’ll be that awful?? We’ll balance it very well because playing and seeing those unpleasant sad scenes for hours could become a problem for avid players so we’ll work on that.

-Tetsuya Nomura Responding to Kitase's Comments
KH team is involved with the gameplay system and they already have the knowhow from other titles. Of course it’s not a Kingdom Hearts-like system because it's a “FF” title and we have previous "FF" staff with us, so it’ll be a balanced mix of those two with lots of action. Imagine it for yourselves because I can’t say anything!

-Tetsuya Nomura on Versus XIII Gameplay and Battle System
"Latin is a very mysterious language that no one uses on a daily basis anymore. Doesn’t matter what kind of word we use in Latin, people all around the world won’t be able to understand and yet appreciate it. That’s what we wanted, a sense of equality between the everybody"

-Tetsuya Nomura Explaining Why They're Using Latin in the Game
Its title means “Sleep” and the tune is about it and alot of real situations we see everyday.

-Tetsuya Nomura on Somnus
Somnus, the song is represented by the “shut-eye” in the game’s logo, as for more details you’ll have to wait because Producer Hashimoto does not allow me to talk further.

-Tesuya Nomura Hinting at the Game's Plot
Artwork and pre-production are all done by now. And I want to make a “FF” title that has not been seen before, so we’ll experiment a bit before we show some more things

-Tetsuya Nomura on the Game's Development (2006)
We’ll have a level and upgrade system to be operated, it doesn’t mean that because in the trailers he has all those weapons the player will too when they actually start the game.

-Tetsuya Nomura on the Gameplay System
Well, if the player isn’t able to level up by his own work and fighting it’s not an RPG, right?

-Tetsuya Nomura on Gameplay Features
Swords will gather and appear depending on the player’s will to go after them. That trailer image is nothing but a representation. And we decided as a development option to make him that strong for the trailer. But don’t worry, Noctis can be as strong as you seen in the trailers if you have the will to do it.

-Tetsuya Nomura on the Character Development
The Crystal is enshrined inside the pillar behind Noctis throne we’ve showed a little in previous trailers. But, no one knows the content inside this pillar because they don’t see it.

-Tetsuya Nomura on the so Talked Crystal
Yes, it’s one of the most central points in the game.

-Tetsuya Nomura on the Crystal's Role for the Story
Myth VERSUS Real!

-Kazushige Nojima explaining Versus XIII in One Phrase

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Interviews:
It’s already possible to fly with an Airship on the World Map but the progress level of each setting is different and some parts still don’t tie together.

-Mr. Hashimoto interviews Tetsuya Nomura on Versus XIII completion rate (Twitter)
We prepared this off-camera footage from the game to easy people down and show them the game is still in development, this footage was from a technological verification we often do.

-Interview with Tetsuya Nomura on the TGS 2009 Handcam showing for Versus XIII (Famitsu.com)
Noctis riding a motorcycle? - Hahaha, Maybe.

-Tetsuya Nomura
Development accelerated quite a lot since last spring and we have good prospects for it and it'll accelerate even more when FFXIII is completely finished.

-Tetsuya Nomura
Interview with Tetsuya Nomura on TGS 2008 Closed Mega Theater trailer for Versus XIII. (Famitsu.com)

Versus XIII on Xbox 360? There are no plans for that at all. There is no change about this game's situation and it’ll release on the market exclusively on the PS3 system.

Interview with Producer Mr. Shinji Hashimoto on “FFXIII” (Famitsu)
Mr. Nomura likes to focus on only one platform when developing a game.
Fabula Nova Crystallis interview with 5 Key people (Famitsu.com)

Fabula Nova Crystallis Directors Interview (Famitsu.com)

Since he prefers depicting friendships over love affairs, the former will play an important role in the game's story. The burden resting on the shoulders of the protagonist and his friends might be very heavy, but nonetheless Nomura also aims to realistically show the positive aspect of their friendship, too.

Interview Final Fantasy Versus XIII with Nomura (Dengeki Online)
Nomura confirmed that the ally clothing seen in the 1st Production Department trailer has been redone and are the final designs, even though he said that he's still playing around with the hair a bit. The voices you hear for the allies duing the combat scenes is from final voice actors who were chosen from auditions. He said he wouldn't confirm who they are but said that some fans have figured it out.

-Tetsuya Nomura on the Crystal's Role for the Story

Tetsuya Nomura Final Fantasy Versus XIII Twitter Tweets:
Versus has had many difficulties, and past method of production have been completely inapplicable, but these are the difficulties of birth, so we are working hard. We have a lot to announce, but because we're going in order, I can't say too much yet.

There have been many questions regarding fields. It's not a completely open world. It's like the 2D FF games in HD. Although, in terms of looks, it's not a top-down view, it's like the screenshots that have been released. You'll move through the world from that view.

Agito and Versus have different production styles and progress states, but they're both presently undergoing voice casting. 3rd's recording will end shortly. Next up is Agito.

There are a number of unannounced titles. These will come before Agito and Versus. Some have finished voice recording. Announcements will take place in Japan.

The battle planner for Versus appeared in my dream. 'Have you thought about effective use of Blizzard,' I said angrily. And then woke up.

It's still a secret of what we'll show to public regarding it at TGS. We're kind of reluctant to pick what we'll show yet. By the way, good morning. Nice to see this site is getting a lot of reputation and fans. How did everybody enjoy their Bon Festival recess? I went to the supermarket.

VERSUS movie sequences that were shown to public a while ago look completely different now, and I was happily surprised by it. Game sequences are evolving progressingly and variously and the Video Works has evolved beyond beyond anything by all means. The real footage, it's like a picture taken in real life.

Preparations for TGS already began. I got a telephone call with confirmation from one team. The call from which team will remain a secret. We started editing the PV for Re: Coded already, looking very good.

Well, we're in the midst of our domestic event and doing TGS preparations now. I was in the edit studio yesterday. All PVs have not yet been completed and are in edit stages as of now. Details will come next month even though there're alot of questions regarding TGS.

Basically, there will be specific revelations for Public View. The length of information disclosure will be different in each magazine and media. The following titles to open to the public are Re: Coded and 3rd. And little information about FABULA, Versus and Agito at this time.

The scale of the trailers are short though, there will be a space to show off FABULA and the trailers will be about 1 minute long. We will show footage of those 3 screenshots we release sometime ago at E3 time and move on to new realtime footage of Versus.

The footage alone is new to the public, doesn't have the command menus, which were removed. On the other hand, Agito footage is like a brand new debut of a more product-like version. Sorry for not being able to show little and nothing more, that's because the release date of both titles are still undecided.

The priority of information disclosure is not decided by the announcement order but the release date one. The announcement timing is decided depending on the strategy of each title and the titles to be released are not always the ones who have been announced earlier. It's necessary to see how the team is progressing with development and the scheduling, that way it's inetivable not to have information disclosure and information exposure.

Thank you for everybody's attention and compreension. The PV editing for TGS is taking more time than we wanted it to. People won't be able to see them all in the public hall (Trailers), that's more like a prevention since we're still examining when to open and give away information to the mainstream public on the internet.

Editing the TGS promotional videos is taking up my thoughts and my time. We're also looking into a time frame for a release on the net, so those who can't come to the event take ease.

Multiplatform is when you start development on a game with the assumption of optimizing for multiple platforms. Porting is something that's done after you've developed a game specifically for a particular platforms. The debate over porting is decided by the management based off the current market and the costs. All I can say right now as a developer is that Versus is being developed specifically for the PlayStation 3.

Regarding Twitter. As for DISSIDIA there are no plans for that; Versus and Agito are currently being examined into. The developer comments on these will probably differ from the 3rd one and will be more like KINGDOM HEARTS Twitter. Think of that as the difference between those.

Please understand that this Twitter thing is a operative policy and for a "limited time" only and I am writting frenquently here as it's my first time doing so but that's another story. We'll do examinations for a sequel HD Version (of 3rd) depeding on how positively the echoes from the public are.

Battle" was one the themes of our meeting yesterday. A drawn out process of trial and error. How the numerical values of damage taken by the player jumping out on the screen in a FF title? How to apply that in Versus extreme action? What's is funny is the character's expression when they're close to the neardeath/critical condition.

Well, this FF titles has an enormous scale and there are lots and hours of information to be released. I talked a little bit about it already but I can't answer question on Versus today, I'm sorry.

There was a meeting regarding "Battle", "Map" and "Event" yesterday. We were going through it in order to see and correct sections, also to check on certain map assets.

On events, a dialogue showing and explaining a father's feelings. Looking at the character as it leaves. Seeing how the heroine can move around.

The opening is a pre-rendered scene of Noctis running in realtime hardware. It's possible to move around on foot but most people will choose going by car. Also Noct's speed in the battle against Behemoth was slow but you can control the pace of the battle which wasn't on the preview


source: finalfantasy-fxn

Looks good.


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bgrin Re: Everything We Know About Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Covers 2006-Present)

Post by Bou on Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:16 am

Thanx for posting this Adore

+ rep


Thank You Misaki for the Siggy^^

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bgrin Re: Everything We Know About Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Covers 2006-Present)

Post by Always Godlike on Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:47 am

Good old Square Enix trolling you with the best game ever for like 5 years yay But this is the sole reason I almost bought a PS3 a few months ago, I still might rolled up


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bgrin Re: Everything We Know About Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Covers 2006-Present)

Post by RoXante on Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:31 pm

Bou wrote:Thanx for posting this Adore

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@Godlike I'm gettin' the vita first, but hopefully by that time i'll have a job to get the ps3.


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bgrin Re: Everything We Know About Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Covers 2006-Present)

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