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Demolisher's guides

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bgrin Demolisher's guides

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:32 am

Hey guys, I've decided to make a thread where I put a guide that the codes I've already made or found out by myself. Here's the guide that some/most of you guys wanting to find out, how to make a DC code for mohh1/2. I've found it out, but I'm just teaching you how to do so. It will be a bit difficult for those who doesn't, master nitepr/coderpr.Let's get started shall we? And please credit me for these guide(s) and do not steal it and claim it yours. Do let me know that you need to put this guide in other sites.

DC Code guide
Ok this is what you guys need to do:
Step 1>>>>Make a game and make sure you're all alone, otherwise it will be difficult to make the code
Step 2>>>>bring up nitepr/coderpr menu and press X on unknown value 32bit which is also known as, dword/fuzzy search.
Step 3>>>>Dc the whole game, and search different = 1
Step 4>>>>Once the search is finished, make the same game and search same = 0
Step 5>>>>keep doing this till you got a few results or just 1 result
Step 6>>>>save the codes and test it 1 by 1, to see which one will dc the whole game
Step 7>>>>once one of the codes dc the whole game, congratx you have just made, a DC code
Step 8>>>>REP+ me and hope only some of you guys understand, no more precious info will be given to any noobs hacker(just kidding, but i mean it)
Credits: Demolisher
NOTE: I didn't give you guys much info about this cuz, not to ruin the game that has already been ruin. Oh if someone of you understand what I said or mentioned, good that means you're ready to make advannce coding. I forgot to mentioned, if you're a code maker like me and not a cheater, use this guide to make a dc code and, dc the game if the cheaters are using it against u. :)
Real Auto Skyflash guide
Today, I'm gonna teach you how to make Real Auto Skyflash. It's similiar to RTC's Skyflashrunner V2. My code will allow you to run with flash and, if you press select you will starting to float and auto Skyflash. All you need to do is point in the direction, you're going to go and watch the code to the rest for you. Ok enough of the detail of the code, let's do some serious coding.
Step 1>>>Go into coderpr/nitepr and enabling the pause in coderpr/nitepr
Step 2>>>Go press on fuzzy search which is 32-bit
Step 3>>>go back into the game and sprint/run and, quickly bring up coderpr/nitepr menu
Step 4>>>go into the fuzzy search and search 2=Greater
Step 5>>>go back into the game and walk while bringing up coderpr/nitepr menu
Step 6>>>Search 3=Less
Step Alt>>>if you wanna have the code with a select button to increase the height, then make sure you jump on the ground not in the air.
Step 7>>>keep repeating step 3,4,5 and 6 to get Real auto Skyflash
Step 8>>>Once done with Step 7, you should came into up to 102 or 103 results
Step 9>>>Add all except for the last 100,101,102 and 103 they will freeze your psp
Step 10>>>Save cheats and renaming them to any desirable name you choose
Step 11>>>TEST it
step 12>>>Thank Demolisher and 958 for giving me idea to make this and, ADD a REP to both of us
It won't be dma, trust me....
Flash guide
Hey there, I'm gonna teach you how to make simple flash another method, I've discovered. It will be short and simple, that even my little cousin could figure it out.
Step 1>>>go to adhoc(the best place to make decent codes), make a game any maps, any uniform and any weapons.
Step 2>>>Go into nitepr/coderpr menu and press X on pause to true, press X on unknown value 32 bit/dword aka fuzzy search
Step 3>>>go back into the game and run/sprint quickly go into nitepr/coderpr menu, and search greater
Step 4>>>go into the game and, walk then search less
Step 5>>>keep doing this till you are down with a few results and test the codes one by one
Once you're done, thank me and make sure it works :)
Hey guys, I'm gonna teach to make instant explode nade, the most easiest way you'll ever find. Let's get started shall we?
Instant explode nade guide
Ok follow this easy steps:
Step 1>>>activate a code that allows you to throw a nade and it explode on the ground or anything it touches
Step 2>>>go into nitepr and search unknown 32 bit/dword, and search different after u search unknown 32bit/dword
Step 3>>>Once that done, you should see a lot of results, that's good. You should add the first line, it should looked like this 0x001????? 0x???????0, change the zero at the last line of the code not the address but the hex to 3. now it should looked like this 0x001????? 0x???????3, save it and test it. It should work perfectly in all maps.
Note:Some great codes are made just like that
Hey there OHG members, I'm Demolisher and this is howiedoit lmao(I just couldn't resist). Today is your lucky day, I will show you a NOT an easy way to make a button function code/something like Joker code, or is it?:). Let's get started shall we?? You're gonna wondering how to find your button value. I'm gonna show an example on how to do that.
Button function/how to find button value guide
Step 1>Go into nitepr/Coderpr, then search unknown value 32 bit/dword
Step 2>resume at game, and hold down any button you choose or just keep tapping the button cuz, if you don't want to pause it to true
Step 3>Once that's done, go into nitepr/Coderpr and search greater, different or less if your shooting then search different, if your wasting ammo search less and if your running search greater. Don't search same yet.
Step 4>Done that already, continue making your code like Flash, increase ammo, increase money or whatever your making. Once your ammo/heath/sprint bar meter is back at the number or whatever value it supposed to be then search same.
You have done making a button fucntion code congratx to yourself and me. Take any value out of ur code that it make ur height increase or ammo increase or sprinting increase or whatever increases, find that value and put it in text doc. If you're ready to make a joker use that value and find another button value to put as an off button to ur joker code.
How to make a simple inf/9999999 money in Manager game(FMH2010 But not Fifa 2010)
Step 1>>See how much your desired club money fund
Step 2>>Search exact value to search for the amount of money ex.mine is 106m
Step 3>>I search 106 on the value Dec. not value of Hex. and you'll see alot of results
Step 4>>Lose some money like buy a player but don't search anything
Step 5>>Sell your worst player on your team and gain money
Step 6>>Mine is 96m(after gaining money) so i search 96 on value dec.
Step 7>>You have found your code, save it and change the dec value to to any number you wish
Step 8>>The code is 0x005????, and also thank me, rep me XD


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