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    multiMAN v2.00 and xmb styling

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    bgrin multiMAN v2.00 and xmb styling

    Post by celicakinglv2 on Thu May 19, 2011 3:42 pm

    Dean has just recently releases mutliMAN v2.00. The first thing you’ll notice is the xmb styling of the app.

    Current version: 2.00.01 (May 13th, 2011) (for PS3 systems with support for unsigned code execution)
    multiMAN v2.00 changelog:

    * Fully working XMMB display mode (XMB clone)
    * Editable options in "Settings" column of XMMB mode
    * Game Covers and Game Poster in XMMB Game column
    * Improved XMMB scrolling, speed and reliability
    * "Themes" option in "multiMAN/Home" XMMB column
    * Changed options/options_default.ini
    * Direct Boot method changed
    * SELECT+X auto-sets BD-Mirror option and is remembered
    * A lot of other amazing wonderful new stuff!

    If package is marked with "WT" it is for WTNG/GH firmware versions, otherwise package is for 3.41/3.55KMEAW/WNK.


    * User defined options
    * Copy/backup progress bar
    * Support and display for 7 devices (HDD/USB/BD/SDHC/MS/CF)
    * Support for REMOTE PLAY via PSP or other compatible peripherals
    * Animated icons and backgrounds
    * Update check/download feature
    * Support for COVER.PNG in AVCHD video folders
    * Support for AVCHD activation from external USB devices
    * Support for backup of AVCHD to internal HDD
    * Support for playback of AVCHD and Blu-ray content from internal HDD
    * Overscan support for DLP and CRT TV sets
    * MP3/AC3 playback (play songs using the File manager from local and network locations)
    * JPEG/PNG picture viewer (browse/view pictures using the File manager from local and network locations)
    * HEX file viewer
    * Support for at least 10 freetype fonts (user can change using [R3] in game display modes)

    ================================================== =============
    (FW 3.4+) BASE package__:multiMAN 02.00.01 (22MB) (lastGAME ebootFIX ebootMOD bdRESET)
    (FW 3.4+) FULL package__:multiMAN 02.00.01 (145 MB) (2238 covers) (lastGAME ebootFIX ebootMOD bdRESET)
    ================================================== =============

    LASTGAME app: Mounts the last game you launched from multiMAN and returns you to XMB. Start the game from disc icon or /app_home
    PS3SERV PC app: To be used with multiMAN file manager /net_host# network folders.
    EBOOTMOD/EBOOTFIX PC tools: Used to modify/covert games to XMB/PSN style (or reencrypt EBOOT/SPRX files)
    BD-ROM RESET tool: Removes path redirections, removes bd-mirror (restores usb to normal mode) and moves the last game played in bd-mirror mode back to its location.

    ================================================== =============

    (FW 3.4+) MEGA package__:multiMAN 01.16.13 (454MB - 2008 COVERS, 49 THEMES) (ebootMOD ebootFIX lastGAME ps3SERV)
    MAIN MENU (Display mode #7 with XMM theme)

    GAME SETTINGS MENU (accessible with SQUARE button [ ])

    SYSTEM MENU (accessible with TRIANGLE button [/\])

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    bgrin Re: multiMAN v2.00 and xmb styling

    Post by Bou on Thu May 19, 2011 3:55 pm

    Nice 2 Thumbs

    by the way this would fall under utilities


    Thank You Misaki for the Siggy^^

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