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[Released] Custom Home beta 0.6.4

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bgrin [Released] Custom Home beta 0.6.4

Post by Bou on Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:32 am

Developer ABCanG Released His Updated Plugin Custom Home Yesterday As v.0.64

"CustomHOME" is the plugin that makes HOME MENU more convenient.

[Viable environment]
Work on all custom firmware version.

[How to use]
The menu is displayed by pushing the Home button while playing a game.

*plugin Disable if you pressing HOME button and run the game.

#Exit Game :Exit the game and return XMB.
#Reset Game :Restart the game.(this function disabled when you use "Prometheus Iso Loader")
#Shutdown :Shutdown PSP.
#Sleep :Suspend PSP.
#Stop/Start :Game pause / resume. (Only Stop Game is OFF )
#Back :Close menu.
#Settings :Change settings.
+Language :Change languageiJapanese or Englishj
+Menu :Change the menu display method.
(Always display:hidden after a few seconds:Display when button pressed)
+StatusType :Toggles the status type.
+Status :Change the status display method.
(Always display:hidden after a few seconds:Display when button pressed)
+ChangeButton :Change enter buttoniX or Oj
+ChangeColor :Change font color (red: green: blue)
+Mute :Mute when menu show (ON or OFF)
@+Display the Battery warning
:When battery is low and menu display, display warningiON or OFFj
+Stop Game :Stop the game when the menu display (ON or OFF)
+Brightness :Brightness display (ON or OFF)
+Description :The description is enabled / disable (ON or OFF)
+GameName :Displays the GameName (ON or OFF)
+GameID :Displays the GameID (ON or OFF)
+PSPStates.prx :PSPStatesis enabled / disable (ON or OFF)For details, please see below.

please use "pspstates 2 experiment for 5.00 M33".

*How to use pspstates in CustomHOME
Put "pspstates.prx" and "cushome_patch.prx" in seplugins directory
"PSPStates.prx" enable on CustomHOME setteings.
Pspstates is enabled at the next reboot.

In order to enable pspstates, please do not write directly to "game.txt".

How to use is the same as benjia.

[How to edit date format]
you can use these things.

%hour12 (time format 12)

Example : [%weekday %monthnum-%day-%year %hour24]
Example2: %weekday, %day. %monthname %year %hour12:%min:%sec %ampm


beta 0.6.4(update 2011/07/24)
[fix]fix game reset function.
[change]Changed to work only with the game that is shown the original HOME menu.
*There is no need to update cmlib

beta 0.6.3(update 2011/07/16)
[fix]Support for FW6.39 - 05g model
[change]Changing the settings menu to new style.
[change]Change the position of the game ID, Brightness, name of the game
[add]Add brightness icon.(Thanks Lock!j

beta 0.6.2(update 2011/07/10)
[fix]ifx battery icon.
[add]add brightness display.
[change]Changes to the selected point at the top when you redisplay the menu.
[add]Supported pspstates

beta 0.6.1(update 2011/6/25)
[add]You can display warning when battery is low and menu display.
[add]prxlibmenu.prx and cmLibMask.prx support.
@So,please place the lib folder.iThey are also used pwrCtrl.j
[add]You can network update from Internet radio.
please place the "cushome.prs" onms0:/PSP/RADIOPLAYER.

beta 0.6
[add]Menu and Volume is able to hide after a few seconds. (Thanks SnyFbSx)
[add]The settings can detail change.
[add]Change font color (red, green or blue)
[add]hide the menu when pressing "<-" ,display the menu when pressing"->".

beta 0.5fix
[fix]Fix language display.
[fix]Fix readme txt.

beta 0.5
[fix]Fixed not disabled bug when you start pressing HOME buttons.
[fix]Fixed Do not displayed the battery time remaining on PSPGo.
[fix]Fixed button behavior bug that happens when the Menu.
[change]Remove the display brightness.
[update]The description can enabled / disable
[add]German support. (Fsi09 Thank you!)
[add]Support CFW6.39.
[add]Add a confirmation dialog.
[add]The trial games's Game ID is displayed..
[add]Add a function that stop the game when the menu display.
[add]Add pause function (Only Stop Game is OFF)

beta 0.4
[add]GameID is displayed.(You can change from setteings.)
[update]Support PSPGo and Homebrew.
[add]Add mute function.(You can change from setteings.)
[fix]Fixed settings are not saved.

beta 0.3
[fix]You don't need restart after changing.
[add]Add restart game function.ithis function disabled when you use "Prometheus Iso Loader".j
[update]Fixed to show all gamesiThere are some flickers of the screen and noises of the sound.j
[add]The game name is displayed.
[add]Customizable dates format is now available!
[change]PSPGo and PS1 are not support.

beta 0.2
[add]The volume and brightness are displayed.
[add]The language change support.(Japanese or English.)
[add]The button change support.iyou need restart after changing.j

Developer Statement-

I was supported by the following people.(The titles omitted)
hiroi01, SnyFbSx, j416dy, neur0n, plum, mafu, Dadrfy, estuibal.

iniLibrary by hiroi01
LibMenu by maxem
prxlibmenu by wn

translate SnyFbSx, mamosuke, Misaka
german@translate Fsi09, flofrucht

Thanks every developers.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
CustomHOMEb0.6.4.zip You don't have permission to download attachments.(55 Kb) Downloaded 7 times


Thank You Misaki for the Siggy^^
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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